4 Raw gley soils

Raw gley soils are at a very early stage of formation and differ little from their parent material which is recently formed and has remained waterlogged since deposition.   Soil development is limited to the incorporation of some organic matter in the top few centimetres, and possibly some drying and cracking hinting at the start of structure formation.   These soils are greyish in colour and may or may not have prominent mottling.  The commonest examples are the raw sandy gleys associated with sand flats and unripened gleys in marine alluvium and saltmarsh.










Location: Porthmadog [SH  580380] : walking along The Cob [take care not to trespass on the railway line] gives a perfect illustration of this type of landscape and soil, which can also be seen around the coast wherever fine sediment is accumulating in quiet water conditions, for example at Foryd Bay [SH454604] west of  Caernarfon